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Eat fruit on empty stomach

If you can master the correct way of eating fruits, you`ll have the secret of beauty, longevity, health, energy, happiness and normal weight. We all think eating fruits means just buying fruits, cutting it and just popping it into our mouths. It's not as easy as you think. It's important to know how and when to eat.

What is the correct way of eating fruits?

If you eat fruit THIS WAY, it will play a major role to detoxify your system, supplying you with a great deal of energy for weight loss and other life activities.

Let's say you eat two slices of bread and then a slice of fruit. The slice of fruit is ready to go straight through the stomach into the intestines, but it is prevented from doing so.
In the meantime the whole meal rots and ferments and turns to acid. The minute the fruit comes into contact with the food in the stomach and digestive juices, the entire mass of food begins to spoil......
So please eat your fruits on an empty stomach or before your meals! You have heard people complaining - every time I eat watermelon I burp, when I eat it during a meal my stomach bloats up, when I eat a banana I feel like running to the toilet etc - actually all this will not arise if you eat the fruit on an empty stomach. The fruit mixes with the other food and produces gas and hence you will bloat!

All the goodness in fruit.

KIWI: Tiny but mighty. This is a good source of potassium, magnesium, vitamin E & fibre. Its vitamin C content is twice that of an orange.

APPLE: An apple a day keeps the doctor away? Although an apple has a low vitamin C content, it has antioxidants & flavonoids which enhances the activity of vitamin C thereby helping to lower the risks of colon cancer, heart attack & stroke.
STRAWBERRY: Protective Fruit. Strawberries have the highest total antioxidant power among major fruits & protect the body from cancer-causing, blood vessel-clogging free radicals.
ORANGE: Sweetest medicine. Taking 2-4 oranges a day may help keep colds away, lower cholesterol, prevent & dissolve kidney stones as well as lessens the risk of colon cancer.

WATERMELON: Coolest thirst quencher.. Composed of 92% water, it is also packed with a giant dose of glutathione, which helps boost our immune system. They are also a key source of lycopene - the cancer fighting oxidant. Other nutrients found in watermelon are vitamin C & Potassium.
GUAVA & PAPAYA: Top awards for vitamin C. They are the clear winners for their high vitamin C content. Guava is also rich in fibre, which helps prevent constipation. Papaya is rich in carotene; this is good for your eyes

When you need to drink fruit juice - drink only fresh fruit juice, NOT from the cans. Don't even drink juice that has been heated. Don't eat cooked fruits because you don't get the nutrients at all. You only get to taste. Cooking destroys all the vitamins. 

FYI - Drinking Cold water after a meal = STORES MORE FAT IN YOUR BODY

For those who like to drink cold water or coke with your meal - this is applicable to you.

It is nice to have a cup of cold drink with or after a meal. However, the cold water will solidify the oils in your food that you have just consumed. It will slow down the digestion.

Once this 'sludge' reacts with the acid, it will break down and be absorbed by the intestine faster than the solid food. It will line the intestine. Very soon, this will turn into fats and weight gain. It is best to drink hot soup or warm water after a meal.  


These 2 recipes for muesli and cake are designed with ingredients to help you if are suffering lack of energy and just want to give yourself a boost these are fantastically tasty, wholesome and healthy.

Feel Good Muesli

1lb Jumbo Oats

4oz Oat Bran

4oz Flaked Almonds

2oz Pine Kernals

2oz Pumpkin Seeds

2oz Sunflower Seeds

2oz Sesame Seeds

1lb Dried Fruit mixture of your choice

Chop the mixed fruit into bite size pieces. Mix thoroughly together with the oats and seeds. Store in an airtight container in a cool dry place. NB make half the quantity and find that this lasts a week for 2 people. Do a fruit combo of raisins, dates and apricots. Don't worry too much about the quantities! Just chuck it all together and enjoy!

Feel Good Cake

Healthy Snack time. Short of cash, why not share the cost of the ingredients with a friend or neighbour as it makes so much. No-one said it couldn`t be a healthy slice of cake - try pouring on some yoghurt and sprinkle with more nuts - Yummy! Pudding Anyone - Heat up slice in microwave for few seconds and add creme fresh MMM!

4oz Soya Flour

4oz Plain Flour (can use wheat free if you prefer)

4oz Rolled Oats

4oz Linseeds

2oz Sunflower Seeds

2oz Pumpkin Seeds

2oz Sesame Seeds

2oz Flaked Almonds

10oz Dried Fruit mixture of your choice

1 tspn nutmeg

1 tspn cinnamon

1 tspn ground ginger

2 pieces stem ginger, finely chopped (optional)

500g Soya Milk

1 tblspn Malt Extract

Heat oven to 190oC/375oF/Gas 5.

  1. Line a 2lb loaf tin with baking parchment of a loaf tin liner

  2. Mix all the dry ingredients together

  3. Add the milk and malt extract and mix together thoroughly

  4. Spoon the mixture into the loaf tin and cook for 1 hour

  5. Half way through cooking, cover with silver foil to stop the top getting too burnt

  6. Test with a skewer to see if cooked

  7. Turn out and cool on a wire rack

I get the litre cartons of soya milk and make 2 cakes at a time and freeze them.  I eat half a cake a week and find this is more than enough. I do a fruit combo of dates, apricots and raisins and don't use the stem ginger, but I would if I had tummy problems.


All about what you are eating


Lower 'bad' density lipo-protein cholesterol - high in fibre. They also contain amygdalin, also known as laetrile or vitamin B17, the controversial anti-cancer nutrient. As almonds are high in protein, around 18%.

They contain virtually no carbohydrates, they are ideal for diabetics, pre-diabetics or anyone with blood sugar issues.

Pumpkin Seeds

High levels of minerals phosphorus, magnesium, iron, manganese zinc and copper. Vitamin A, B1,B2 and B3 essential fatty acids

Sunflower Seeds

High in Protein Vitamin E magnesium, selenium, vitamins B1, B5 and B6, phosphorus, copper, iron, folic acid and fibre. Helps reduce hot flushes

Sesame Seeds

Fantastic source of protein, mono saturated fats, vitamins B1 and B2, minerals, magnesium, copper, iron, zinc and calcium. Low in carbohydrates and cholesterol free.

They aid digestion and stimulate blood circulation and benefit the nervous system. Excellent emollient and vitamin E properties for skin conditions


Fantastic source of omega-3 essential fatty acids alpha-linolenic acid twice the source of oily fish.  Most abundant source of phytoestrogens known as lignans these bind to oestrogen receptors and interfere with the cancer promoting effects of oestrogen on breast tissue.

They also increase the production that regulates oestrogen levels by escorting excess levels from the body. Human studies reveal that Linseed exert significant anti-cancer effects.


Active compound called Myristicin an extraordinarily potent liver protective. Myristicin prevents the release of a very inflammatory compound called TNF-alpha from one of the immune systems heavy guns, a type of white cell called a Macropahge.


Calmative and sedative. One of the chemical compounds in cinnamon, hydroxychalcone, has been shown to lower blood glucose levels, LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides, prompting some experts to recommend the addition of a daily dose of cinnamon to the diet of diabetics


Ginger contains anti-inflammatory compound called Gingerols which inhibit the formation of inflammatory cytokines chemical messengers from the lymphatic system. It's primarily used to prevent and relieve nausea, indigestion, heart rhythm irregularities, inflammation and pain. In patients with autoimmune disease, ginger is widely used to reduce arthritic symptoms, inflammation related to ulcerative colitis, and digestive disturbances.

Combination of Ginger, Cardamom, Cinnamon and Coriander is carmative and stimulating to the digestive system, odd but an upset ummy need calming but also stimulating back to normal.


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