Denise - 23/01/2014

I have known Yvette Jordan since 2006.  She was recommended by a friend as I was desperately seeking help for my 80 year old father whose lower legs had become very swollen, painful and much of the skin had turned black due to very poor circulation.  He had been warned about possible amputation and numerous doctors had told him that nothing could be done to improve his condition.  Within a few months of regular treatment Yvette had reduced and controlled the swelling and the black necrotic tissue had been substantially reduced.  Since then Yvette has continued treatment and there is no longer a threat of amputation.

Over the years I have come to know and admire Yvette and we
have become friends.  During that time she has always been totally
committed and passionate about helping people with lymphatic problems and I admire tremendously both her determination to succeed with her 'vocation' - despite the setbacks - and the real caring and commitment she shows to patients.  Her delight when a patient responds to treatment is obvious.

Her bubbly personality, motivation, energy, determination
and thirst for improving the lives of her patients make Yvette a unique
individual. It is my pleasure and privilege to know Yvette and I will
always be indebted to her for improving and maintaining the quality of my father's life when no-one else could.

Denise, Hove.

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