Alan - Camberly - 21/11/2013

Having searched the internet for a lymphatic specialist finding them was another matter.

I decided to see Yvette because she was working in a Doctor`s surgery, and I felt she must be good to be in there. I was right, not only is she good but she knows her stuff inside out.

Whatever the problem she always seem`s to make it better, and hasn`t failed me in 4 years.

I had a condition that effected my lymphatic system which was recurrent every year and I was convinced it would finish me off because I suffered so badly with infection.

I have been seeing Yvette for treatment for 4 years and after following her advice and treatment we had a year of no infection last year which was a major break through.

I wouldn`t hesitate to recommend her for ailments and illnesses that seem to bother you and you cannot get help for she really has a remarkable way of dealing with health problems.

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