Elsie Flack - 15/03/2010

I am 83 and was recommended to Yvette through another therapist.

I had a very bad illness 5 years ago and was in hospital for 13 weeks after which left my legs really swollen and very painful.

When I was in hospital all the doctors and nurses all said YES it was my lymph and when I asked them, "What I could do and where should I go to get treatment" they ALL said "Don`t know!"

Since then I have been shufffling along on flat feet walking with a stick and generally feeling really miserable.

When I went to Yvette I could hardly get up the stairs. When I was having treatment she said I would feel great relief and would be able to walk so much better.

I really, really did not believe her because I had had so many other treatments and nothing had EVER worked.

Anyway, I have to say it was a truly amazing experience after I got up from the couch, I was actually so shocked how much better they felt, I could not speak for a few minutes, my legs felt lighter than they had for 5 years it was quiet unbelievable.

The next morning after the first session, in bed, I woke up to find that my knees were bent, I was so frightened that if I straightened them I would not be able to bend them again I so kept them bent. It was fantastic what a relief, I was so overwhelmed with joy, I had not been able to bend my knees since being in hospital - 5 years

I have since had more treatments and I keep getting better, my legs have gone right down, my knees are looking like knees, Yvette has worked miracles and I really must phone Sophie to thank her for the recommendation.

Yesterday my husband told me I was walking better and not shuffling, I really felt my life was ruined because of my legs - now I know different.


Elsie`s condition was Oedema and not Lymphoedema this was diagnosed because she responded so well after the first MLD massage as it activated her own system to give reduced limbs and removed excess fluid quickly.

Therefore her swelling was easily treated and recified by manual lymph drainage. Not all patients suffering are this lucky, there are a few side effects but Elsie`s lymphatic system needed a helping hand - it is a pity they didn`t know about that 5 years ago they could have prevented all her suffering, worry and pain!

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