Sophie Turrell - 23/09/2008

Dear Yvette,
I just wanted to send a quick note letting you know how thankful I am for the therepy you gave me after two bouts of mastitis and then blocked milk ducts after having my baby boy.
I had been to the doctors on both occasions to be given antibiotics right away.  Through you, I was able to avoid putting more "medicine" into my body which, through breastfeeding, affected my baby, giving him thrush.
I would recommend your treatment to anyone suffering as I did as I believe the cause was through bras too tight which were bought after through questioning by high street sellers.  What they do not know is how something so light as a finger touch can be "too tight". 
So far, since seeing you, I have not felt any pain or blockage in my breasts and thank you again for your help and guidance in how to keep my breasts free from same through massage.
Sophie Turrell.

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