Cindy - 11/09/2008

Having seen FGF advertised and read other customer comments on symptoms and benefits, I realised that my niggling body complaints were very similar. I felt lethargic, overweight, with tight, heaving joints, especially on my ankles which were constantly swollen.  Following my free lymph check,  I signed up for a session on Outside In massage and Body Wrap exercise. It was a long two hours with lots of information to take on board, but well worth it.

Within a week of doing the Outside In massage at home, I could see my ankle bones again and the tight aching feeling was greatly reduced. After 1 month I now rarely have any ankle pain at all, and my whole body feels 'softer' and has benefitted from the Outside In massaging I do for myself at home daily.

With the continued weekly sessions of the Body Wrap exercising I have seen a change in my body shape, especially around my ribs, waist and thighs, and can find core muscles I didn't know I had. The sessions are hard work, but very energising and the benefits of 1:1 sessions means Yvette can guide me through each exercise and position my body correctly as we go, ensuring I get the full benefits of each exercise completed.

I do the Breast Wise Routine as part of Outside In and as I`ve lost the excess fluid over my body, it has also gone from my chest. I am thrilled about losing the fluid and even better my husband said he thought they felt firmer or as he put it `more pert` Great - Thanks again Yvette.


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