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15 year old had swollen foot for 1 year, we returned it to normal within a month. ... [More]


Mrs R from Steyning suffered chronic mastitis, was given 21 courses of antibiotics, Dr`s had literally given up ... [More]

Lydia Clear from Secondary Cancer 07/07/2015

Lydia was given 18 months to live, now 2 years on she has just been given the all clear, following Feel Good Factor dietary guidance and advice. Congratulations ... [More]

IN DOCTOR Surgery 15/03/2010

Yvette works in a Doctors surgery in Horsham - patients delighted at getting some help ... [More]

LEG ULCER CURED 06/10/2009

Mr B is absolutely delighted and over the moon after sucessfully treating and curing his leg ulcer. ... [More]

Cold Sore Halted 02/10/2009

Lydia was astounded when her cold sore disappeared ... [More]

Cellultis Clears Quickly 02/10/2009

Cellulitis is a bacterial infection that spreads fast and can hang around for weeks unless ... [More]

Alarming and sudden leg swelling 31/03/2009

For 3 weeks Stephanie suffered, going back and forward to the Doctors who did not know what to do. ... [More]

DRAMATIC Pain Relief for Eczema 22/01/2009

Inflamed, red swollen eczema is dramatically reduced by MLD ... [More]

Success of Early Treatment 10/11/2008

Daphne is absolutely delighted with the success of her treatment ... [More]

Amazing Leg Reduction 30/10/2008

For over 30 years Anne had been suffering with severe lymphoedema legs in 4 weeks we have removed 5 and a half inches from the circuference of her calf. ... [More]


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