Lymph Node


Lymph Nodes are the filters and cleaning stations for our body`s waste.

Varying in size from a pea to a broad bean you have up to 1,000 lymph nodes placed around the body. With up to 300 in the stomach the rest are strategiaclly placed in and around our joints for protection.

They have a collagen and elastic fibre outer coating to allow for swelling and filtration.

Your lymph nodes are NOT glands because they do NOT secrete, they do however play a very important part in keeping you healthy and free from disease, especially cancer.

There are many lymph vessels that enter but only one that leaves. Movement through the lymph nodes is slow. They clean and filter our waste by passing dirty lymph through the sinuses, macrophages insode the node assist with waste disposal.. 

As well as waste, protein levels of the body and lymphocyte production, lymphocytes are white blood cells that fight infection and disease are regulated in the lymph nodes.

If you are suffering any kind of infection chances are you have felt swollen lymph nodes which will be sore to the touch, they are fighting infection. Swollen or sore throat.

If you are overweight and your stomach lays across your lap continuously pressing on the top of your inner thigh, you stop the flow through the Inguinal nodes and swelling of the lower legs occurs - seen commonly in pregnancy and obesity.

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