Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if there is anything wrong with my lymphatic system?

Noticable signs of a sluggish system are fluid retention, i.e. swollen ankles, but there are many more. Any form of swelling or oedema is not normal and is the body`s way of telling us there is something wrong.

Why don`t more professionals know more about these lymphatic conditions?

Unfortunately the medical profession do not have the time to study this system in depth and therefore it is very misunderstood amongst professionals.

What is MLD?

MLD is short for manual lymphatic drainage and as a massage technique it helps move lymph fluid in the body.

Why is the fluid called lymph?

Lymph is also waste fluid like the dirty water the same as your waste pipes collect in your house that the body doesn't want in the bloodIt is ONLY called lymph after it leaves your blood capillary, it is collected from outside the Venus end of the capillary and from between the cells of your body. It then travels up the lymph capillary, which is the start of your waste system

Where does lymph go?

When lymph has been collected it travels up and along vessels, it is cleaned by lymph nodes and then gets put back into our circulation. It does this by joining together with the big vein that takes the clean fluid to the heart.

What is Lymphoedema?

The body is unable to cope with removing fluid and a limb (arm or leg) becomes swollen and unusually larger than the other, it can affect ANY part of the body.  Most commonly associated with the arms and legs.

What causes Lymphoedema?

There are many causes, most commonly associated with post cancer operations due to lymph node removal. Post surgical or operative swelling. It can also be hereditary which is called Primary Lymphoedema.

HOWEVER, ONE of the known causes is obesity and signs and symptoms of severe fluid retention SHOULD NOT be ignored if you are overweight - e.g SWOLLEN ANKLES.

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