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BREAST CANCER AFTERCARE - UKLC Registration Number - UKLC/YJ/04110

Assessing your range of movement

Testimonials of breast cancer clients who have had Lymphatic Pressure Therapy.

  • "A GREAT BIG THANK YOU! You have made me realise I didn`t need to keep suffering, I wished I`d known about you last year!" Sandra.

  • "I was sceptical about improvements you could offer but I am definitely moving my arm better and breathing easier, my pins & needles pain has reduced!"Mrs W.

Lymphatic Pressure Therapy - VTCT Endorsed

This new and unique aftercare is administered to obtain your optimum recovery. Lymphatic Pressure Therapy joins together the top five essential elements to offer maximum beneficial effect to breast cancer clients, improving range of motion for lymphatic stimulation and restoration of this disrupted system. Lymphatic Pressure Therapy is designed to expertly assess, monitor and initiate your optimum recovery, preventing deterioration, which may, in turn, cause further distress or ongoing discomfort.

Lymphatic Pressure Therapy Sessions and Cost

Your therapy sessions are two hours long and a course of four sessions, one two hour session per week is advised for maximum benefit and continuity, eight hours and a total cost of £360.

Five Elements of Recovery:

  • Posture and Gait 
  • Range of Motion
  • Kinex™ Muscle Reconnection
  • Lymphatic Pressure Pumping Massage
  • Lymphatic Pumping Home Exercises

Posture and Gait Assessment

All injuries to the body affect how our muscles keep our bones in balance. Correcting imbalance helps the body to prevent any future unnecessary complications from postural trauma post operatively. 

Improve Muscular Abilities with Range of Motion

Limitations creates room for improvement and full recovery potential.  We use a Goniometer to assess your movement.

Kinex™ Pressures

A new powerful muscular therapy which helps the body to speed up its post-operative re-connection process. It allows muscles to be used correctly again after the trauma of an operation and anesthetic. Full use of muscles creates maximum lymphatic movement for the removal of waste fluid. This is essential for the lymphatic system which speeds up the body`s own ability to heal.

Lymphatic Pressure Pumping Massage

These rhythmic pressure movements and manipulations keep the lymphatic system working at its optimum level, particularly important post-surgery. It helps to re-establish lymphatic pathways usually disrupted during surgery.

Specific Lymph Pumping Exercises

Guided exercises carried out with a small inflatable ball give an understanding of the need to maintain a specifically designed exercise programme, allowing clients continuous improvement at home.

Also advise on...

  • Self-help, maintenance, advice and guidance to continue improved recovery.
  • An educational understanding of correct post-operative body movements for continuous recovery and how to prevent further deterioration.

For more information visit UK Lymphology Clinics


When did you last feel like this???/

Kinesiology session £45 1 hour

When did you last feel good about your body? Not sure what it is? Or do you just feel out of sorts? Niggling aches and pains that just will not go away? Please wear comfortable clothing, and you may bring along any vitamins or supplements you are taking for muscle testing. What clients say.....

Mrs C - Brighton, "I have never known anyone who can work the body to such a high standard of therapy, you always put my body back together."

Mrs R - Sompting, "You always make me feel better and your treatment gives me more energy"

Mrs F - "The  pain in my neck and shoulder had just been getting worse, I would not have believed it unless I had experienced your treatment, quite extraordinary, you have taken my pain away and sorted my neck out, thank you"


Looking GOOD in 2012

BOOK NOW and do it for yourself!

Bloated, bulging stomach, lower back ache, sitting all day or just bad postural habits? This body wrap is not relaxing as it involves specific exercise.

Go on! Change your shape? Yes, you really can feel fitter, slimmer and achieve a firmer stomach. It will also help boost any diet by stimulating your digestion.

Testimonial Mrs P, Lancing

"I have tried everything to help tone and tighten my stomach and I cannot believe how much better I feel, it is hard work but so worth it, my husband has said I look so much better and that is only after 4 treatments, one a week".

Testimonial Miss S, Brighton

"OMG this treatment is tough but WOW what results, you can feel all your stomach working in the most amazing way - luv it, luv it. Thank you.

£45 per wrap/per area/1 hour (recommend min 1 per week for 4 weeks in combination with regular exercise and sensible eating plan)

Lymphatic Health 

The lymphatic system is your immune system for fighting infection and disease. It is also your waste system and must be kept constantly moving and free flowing to ensure your body is clean on the inside. When it becomes sluggish or stagnant it will result in ill health and an unhealthy body. Our emotions can also be effected and some signs may be depression, lethargy and inability to lose weight or excess fluid.

Manual Lymph Drainage
Removes waste and toxins

£15 Lymphatic Integrated Massage - LIM

Any massage naturally stimulates the blood circulation and with that comes the release of extra waste and toxins into the lymphatic system. Now you have overloaded this system, it is in the best interest of your health to help assist and facilitate the removal of these toxins with a new powerful integrated lymphatic technique. Encouraging a new approach towards improving health and an effective lymphatic stimulation. This new short and powerful therapy uses a different technique to lymphatic manual massage but actually compliments it perfectly. 15 mins.

£45 Manual Lymphatic Drainage - MLD

Using the lymphatic pathways we offer manual lymphatic drainage massage easily relax and unwind with this remarkable calming and tranquil massage. 1 hour

We also help other related lymphatic health conditions like Lymphoedema or oedema (fluid swelling) problems and can achieve extraordinary results.

£45 Body Wrap with Exercise (per area)

A stimulatiion for your lymphatic system, lose inches and reduce bloating. Tummy or thighs. A course is recommended for long term results. Can work well for instant relief of bloating or for night out or special occasion to get into`that dress`. 1 hour.

£75 Outside In Detox

A one off session for improving lymphatic health to boost your whole system. We teach you how to do a self body massage routine, which you do every day in the privacy of home. Improves your health and vitality, makes you feel great on the inside, boosts energy levels and tones your skin. You will need to bring shorts and vest top or T-shirt. 1½ hours.

£45 Just Breathing

Bring life back to your heart, lungs and blood. Pumps the lymphatic system. No physical exercise needed so all levels of being unfit welcome! Feel the exhilaration of being able to breathe again using ALL your lung space and stop depriving your body of oxygen energy. A real brain boost! 1 hour.


The Best Facial in Town!
Regain that youthful glow!

"I have over 37 years experience in the skin care field and understand exactly what you want, need and expect from the best facial "ever". A regular facial is more than skin care it`s relaxation plus anti-aging therapy with a bonus!"

£30 ½ hour - £50 1 hour - Diamond Dermabrasion. 

This machine gives exceptional and quite dramatic results. Regular removal of surface dirt and dead cells of your skin prevents ageing, deep lines and wrinkles. Keep skin fresh and alive for a radiant and clean complexion. Treat open pores, acne scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, sun damaged skin, anti-ageing.

£55 Face Lifting Facial  60 mins. 

Exfoliation first, then intense, specific facial massage techniques to revive and lift loose slack muscle around the jawline. A course is recommended, 2 p/wk for 4 weeks - £320. However, great for night out or special occasion.

£45 Refreshing Facial  60 mins. 

Exfoliation, Deep Pore Cleanse and Mask. For greasy or younger skin types, gives face a bright, fresh, cleaner appearance, lymphatic drainage and some dermabrasion if required.

£45 My Time Facial  I hour. 

Deep Cleanse, Exfoliation, Pore Cleanse, Face, Head, Neck, Shoulder Massage and Hand Massage during face Mask.

£66 Heavenly Facial  I ½ hours. 

Truly the ultimate in pampering heaven. Deep Cleanse, Exfoliate, Extraction, Mask No1. Feet Bathed and Massaged. Heavenly luxurious Face, Neck, Shoulder and Head Massage, Mask No2 and Hand Massage (most popular).

£45 Lymph Drainage Facial  1 hour.

Intense massage first, then slow, rythmical, relaxing and hypnotic. Helps to remove excess fluid around the face and neck, heals skin and detoxifies blood supply to epidermal tissues, will give a radiant appearance.

What clients say... 

Faye - Stenying Yvette gives the best facial ever - I cannot live without her treatments, it is the best thing in the world. I would have one every day if I could.

Lisa - Brighton I have had facials all my life and would trust Yvette with anything, she has given me the best facial I have ever had. My skin has never looked so good. She wsas the only one who managed to sort my skin out without trying to sell me hundreds of pounds worth of products.

Lydia - Worthing A-maz-ing!!!! Stunning, mind blowing!!! I hate it when it`s over.

Pam - Worthing It really is heaven and you cannot replace Yvette when it comes to skin care and advice there is no-one who can give a facial like she can. 

Jen- Brighton I feel fabulous. Wow my skin feels incredible and my face feels a different shape.


Shaping lifts eyes instantly
Turn back the years!

Eyelashes and Eyebrows 

*If you have never had eyelash tinting with us, you MUST have an ALLERGY TEST at least 24 hours before any appointment can be made. Thank you!

Eyebrow Re-Shaping £10

3 week maintenance £7

Eyebrow Tinting £6

Lashes and Brows Tinted £17 

EBShape, ELT and EBT £20


Elegant hands
Show off those nails!

£29 Manicure for Hands 1 hour

Nails filed, cuticles soaked and removed, hand massaged, nails painted, base coat, 2 layers varnish and top coat.

£35 Pedicures for Feet 1 hour

Nails cut, filed and shaped, foot soak and scrub, hard skin removed, cuticles removed, foot massaged, nails painted.

Please wear flip flops to avoid smudging.


Regular waxing gives softer hair growth
Show off those hair free legs!

ABSOLUTELY NO Swimming, Sunbathing or Sunbeds for 24 hours BEFORE or AFTER 

*PLEASE NOTE: Hairs have to be grown for at least 2-3 weeks before waxing. 

  • Bikini £15
  • Half Leg £19
  • Half Leg and Bikini £29
  • Three Quarter Leg £25
  • Full Leg £35 
  • TopThigh and Bikini £27
  • Full Leg and Bikini  £40 
  • Underarm £12
  • Arms £19
  • Lip or Chin £ 9
  • Lip and Chin £14 
  • Back £20 
  • FLW, BL, UA  £44

tel 01273 441919