Janet - 15/11/2011

I have had a series of operations in the last few months, culminating in a mastectomy on 18th October

As a result of post operative discomfort in the armpit and
upper arm, and little or no advice from the breast care team at the hospital concerned, I decided on personal recommendation to consult Yvette for post mastectomy avoidance of Lymphoedema.

I have now had three appointments with her and I feel that
she understands the nature of the problem, both emotional and physical, and more importantly, that she is improving my chances of a full recovery. I intend to continue with the regime, as I am deriving real benefit from her treatment and advice, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to others.

I believe such treatment should be seen as a desirable “bolt-on”
opportunity for post operative patients

Janet is still with me today in 2014 and she has NO Lymphoedema.

Janet, Arundel

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