Daphne - 03/11/2008

My name is Daphne, and I want to share my story with you.

Due to breast surgery, I had been experiencing increasing lymphedema in my right arm for about nine months.
I decided to search the web to see if I could find some help.
All I found out was what lymphedema is, and not if the it could be treated.
Happily, I stumbled upon a local magazine that included an article written by Yvette Jordan, who is an MLD therapist, and I found there the answer that I had been looking for. Lymphedema can be treated.
After an initial consultation with Yvette, which included treatment, I found an improvement from the first, and after more sessions the results have been amazing.
No more pain, and no longer does my arm feel heavy, weighted with fluid.
I can heartily recommend MLD therapy, and have visible proof that after a number of treatments, this therapy is really successful.
I really highly recommend this treatment to others, who can also benefit from MLD and counselling effect Yvette has on you she always makes me laugh and forget my pain. 
Coming soon!
See Daphne as she speaks out on video about why this terrible condition should not be ignored and why she wished she`d known about Feel Good Factor much much earlier!

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