Yvette Jordan - LPT, CDT, GBTH, IHBC

Yvette Jordan


MLD, Manual Lymph Drainage, CDT, Complete Decongestive Foeldi and Vodder Trained Lymphoedema Therapist, Beauty Therapist, Exercise Therapist, Teacher and Trainer


"As a senior therapist with 35 years experience, what I love about my profession is that I can confidently say I am able to deal with problems and ailments and treat them with amazing results, giving me great job and client satisfaction!"

Never under estimate the power of clean cells within the body.

Lymphatic Pressure Therapy is used with much success in many conditions, the testimonials say it all really.

In addition I am always astounded with the immediate effect that Kinesiology can have on patients and clients and I find a combination really gives one of the best forms of treatment for a healthy you.


Testimonial 9th December 2014

"I used to have Kinesiology years ago and found it to be extrememely beneficial so I was very pleased to have found you at Horsham, but I have to say I really cannot believe that I have had such improvement from one session, I am moving so much better, I feel stronger and other problems have lessened, thank you, I do wish I had found you earlier and in some ways kept it up."

Jack 85, years young


tel 01273 441919