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We are a unique clinic dedicated to improving your health and well being by

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 problems often dismissed and considered untreatable.

  We also offer a full range of feel good therapy treatments.

You DO NOT have to have anything wrong with your lymphatic system

to improve it`s ability to keep you healthy. 

FYI - Blood Pressure tablets – Watch point

If you have lower leg Lymphoedema please make note of the following,

At the patient conference held at Ascot in April 2009, Professor Peter Mortimer commented on a type of blood pressure tablet that was discouraged for patients living with lymphoedema.

For the benefit of members unable to attend the conference, the class of drug is a calcium channel blocking agent and includes such drugs as Nifedipine, Amlodopine and Felodopine - in other words any heart or blood pressure drug ending in ‘...ine’. 

 50% of patients on these drugs develop swollen ankles and the mechanism is likely to be paralysis of lymphatic vessel pumping. Their use is therefore discouraged by anyone diagnosed with lymphoedema.

Anyone concerned about their use of these drugs should contact their GP before taking any action.

Listen all about your lymphatic system as Yvette talks to Durwin

If you have any problems viewing please go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umWWZV6vanE


Change your shape this  year!

A Bloated Stomach hides toxins - bowel cancer next biggest killer ! 

DO SOMETHING to improve or change your shape this year? IT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE!! 

Achieve a flatter, slimmer stomach and aiding any diet by stimulating your digestion. Reduces bloating, lifts and tightens pelvic muscles, lengthens waist, improves posture. Reduce back ache. and loads more benfits your body will love you for it!


This body wrap is not a relaxing treatment as it involves intensive exercise but it does delivers results. 

The sooner you start the better the results!

£45 per wrap/per area (recommend min 1 per week for 4 weeks)

Going on Holiday?

If you have problems with fluid retention click the image to find out why you should NOT go cruising!


Testimonial 9th Dec 2014 

 "I used to have Kinesiology many years ago and found it to be extrememely beneficial so I was very pleased to have found you at Horsham, but I have to say I really cannot believe that I have had such improvement from one session, I am moving so much better, I feel stronger and other problems have lessened, thank you, I do wish I had found you earlier and in some ways kept it up."

Jack 85 years young :-)


Kinesiology (pronounced Kin-kneesy-ology) comes from the Greek word ‘kineses’ which means motion. Simply it is the study of muscles and body movement.

Kinesiology is a bio energetic system that monitors muscle movement in order to ascertain information that will allow the therapist to reach a course of action to bring about positive change.

Kinesiology was designed as a tool to help people recover and reach their full potential as individuals, it locates disturbed energy flow and by using individualised techniques along with accupressure restores you back to the person you once were or the person you want to become.

It even can help you reinvent yourself by helping you to become clearer and more focused on your life dreams and goals.

When traditional methods don't seem to be getting to the root of whatever is bothering you, most often by using gentle techniques that you the client select by way of muscle testing.

This results in an individualized and a personalized hour of releasing stress  that has accumulated throughout your life resulting in a lesser you. Health Kinesiology puts you back in shape!

Session Cost £45

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 YOUR HEALTH!!!!!!!!!!!!


Click image to see how to improve your health

If you take vitamins and maybe still feel not as good as you should - introduce Sizzling Minerals into your life and feel fantastic! 

Vitamins don`t work unless they have a chemical assistant called a mineral.

Plant minerals give us the ability to function correctly and any imbalance of chemicals in our body leads to ill health, sickness and disease. 

All illneses can be traced back to mineral deficiency?

We need 60 minerals a day to make our body function - a sugary snack or fast food snack will not give you extra boost, this unique product will change your life.

Is 2015 when you treat yourself to good health :-)

How to eat fruits without upsetting your body?




LOST YOUR Feel Good Factor?

Get your Feel Good Factor Back!

BEEN ILL? Want your Feel Good Factor back?

Have you suffered a bad cold with swollen glands, sore throat, blocked sinus and headaches? May be the symptoms have come back and have left you feeling constantly drained, tired and under the weather and you don't know how you can feel better? We do!

We specialise in the lymphatic system which is your immune system. Get it back on track, boost your energy levels to regain health and vitality, stimulate your body's own defences. Fight back naturally! Nobody wants to be ill? So help yourself!

After infection the immune system is in need of extra help and rejuvenation. Symptoms hang around and repeated bouts of illness happen because your body has a sluggish system - GET IT WORKING, FIGHT OFF INFECTION and GET WELL!

Testimonial from Suzanne of Shoreham:-

"After severe illness, I was suffering very badly from blocked sinuses with terrible congested headaches - after treatment with MLD it is ALL GONE - AMAZING - NO MORE PAIN, I would have paid anything, I am so happy to feel this good again, Thank you!".

Fat and the Lymphatic System

How your fat travels around the body.

How big is your lymphatic system and how it moves fat!


Your body has an estimated 2 and half million miles of lymph capillaries and transport vessels in its system.

1lb of fat needs 8 miles of capillaries to transport. You have between 400 - 500 lymph nodes in and around your stomach and up to 1,000 all over your body.

The large FAT molecules from your food is collected by the lacteals of the lymphatic system directly into the small intestine - this turns lymph fluid milky white in colour and is called `chlye`. It was first discovered in 1622 by Gaspard Asselli an Italian pysician.

Trans fats are the equivalent of eating a rubber band compared to an avocado. This is why they are trying to ban them, we know how bad they are, they are literally clogging up our lymphatic transportation and immunity is impaired.

Your lymphatic system also transports waste and toxins through your body including poisons. A poison dilates the blood capillaries which opens up the tiny pores (like shock) and lets the blood proteins filter into the spaces around the cells faster than the lymphatic system can remove them.

Red meat dilates blood capillaries and causes an inflammation process when it is digested.

Bowel cancer is less easily detectable but more common in the overweight. Poisons kept in the body in the bowels are already in the danger zone.


Durwin Banks owner of High Barn Oils

DISCOVER - The Linseed Farm for the BEST Omega 3 Source - EVER! Reduces Cholesterol.

Reasonably priced - Fanstastic Vaue for money and ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for our internal lymphatic health!

It is a known fact if you have a diet LOW in Omega 3 and HIGH in Omega 6 (meat, dairy) you have a higher chance of illness and disease. Omega 3 plays a vital role in your ability to fight infection and disease as it is directly linked to the lymphatic system. Omega 3 makes your cells communicate and has extremely high anti-imflammatory properties for rapid healing and reduction of swelling, it will help your body work more efficiently for optimum health.

Yvette Jordan, Lymphoedema Specialist Practitioner

  "I can personally and highly recommend this source of Omega 3. Before I started taking Culinary Linseed Oil (I add it to fruit juice), I thought my digestive system was in good condition. My diet consisted regularly of oily fish, as I do know the importance of good fats, but I have to say it is now working to it`s optimum and above. I really did not realise such a simple addition of this product would have such a huge effect on my life. I can say this with confidence because when I stopped taking it (as you do) I immediately noticed the difference!"

"I have also exhaustively searched the entire Internet looking for something of equal or similar to their Culinary Linseed Oil and have saved you the bother by adding this valuable link to their website where you can browse The Linseed Farm and purchase directly from them.

DO YOU SUFFER ANY DIGESTIVE INTERRUPTIONS of any kind? If you  have tried everything but NOT tried a daily dose of Omega 3 then you will be astounded at the difference it can make, inside and out."

Read more about Linseed Oil and its essential health benefits of Omega 3, all about this successful English Company and also to order your health boosting Omega 3 supply.




Lymphoedema post breast cancer is an on going condition that can leave you having to wear a compression sleeve. Until now the choice is pretty boring.

But now, this site Lymphedivas (click on logo for linkis a fantastic website that promotes a new way to wear and feel good about wearing your sleeve.

Don`t be shy, show off your garment and enjoy their superb range of  flesh colours to diamonds and fashion pattern colours. We have samples to show you.



Laugh Out loud at 50 Sheds of Grey

The novel "Fifty Shades Of Grey" has seduced women - and baffled blokes.

Now a spoof, Fifty Sheds Of Grey, offers a treat for the men. The
book has author Colin Grey recounting his love encounters at the
bottom of the garden. Here are some extracts...

Fifty Sheds Of Grey sample.....

We tried various positions - round the back, on the side, up against a wall...
but in the end we came to the conclusion the bottom of the garden
was the only place for a good shed.

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